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Local Squid a La Plancha
with baby white bean salad and parsley picada

Warm Spinach Salad
with roasted sun choques and brown butter dressing

Duck Confit a la Catalana
with prunes and pine nuts


choice of

Paella Hortelana
saffron rice, vegetables, pine nuts, currants, arugula, red bell pepper pure and aioli

Paella Manolete
saffron rice, squid, sepia, mussels, green peas, fennel sausage and pork loin

Pork Loin Canario
with potato & onion gratin, pancetta sautéed cabbage and whole mustard sauce

Swordfish a la Plancha
with sautéed Spinach a la Catalana and French Fries


choice of

Dark Chocolate Mousse
with liquor 43 chantilly

Crema Catalana

A proud participant of SF Restaurant Week & California Restaurant Month